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Villa Conchetta is situated in the countryside 1 mile outside the town of Bracciano, 20miles northwest of Rome. The villa is only a 45 minute drive to both Rome and Fiumicino International Airport. The town of Bracciano is characterized by a medieval castle which overlooks the volcanic lake of Bracciano, major water reservoir of Rome’s fountains.

The beauty of nature and landscape, the historical and cultural heritage with its archaeological and artistic richness: these are the ingredients having made Bracciano and its Lake a desired destination appreciated by tourists from different parts of the world. Three towns have been built on the lake's shores: Bracciano, Trevignano Romano and Anguillara Sabazia. Also the territories of Manziana, with a magnificent view of the lake from its main square, Oriolo, Monterosi and Sutri face the basin of the lake.

Bracciano is situated on a hill and has been inhabited since the Etruscan ages. It was of great importance during the Renaissance period when it belonged to the Orsini family. In 1696 the town passed to the Odescalchi family and the castle today is still owned by the family.

The history of Bracciano is all determined by the magnificent Castle which dominates all over the settlement. Due to its structural and architectonic characteristics and the excellent state of conservation it is considered one of the most important castles of Italy.

In the halls of the castle paintings and frescoes of great masters can be admired (frescoes by Antoniazzo Romano and Taddeo Zuccari) as well as marble and bronze sculptures, fireplaces, wooden ceilings, ceramic sculptures, arms, armors and archaeological findings of Cerveteri and Palo in the showcases of the Etruscan hall.

Among the religious buildings of Bracciano the two baroque churches of Santa Maria Novella (with annexed Augustinian cloister) and St. Stephen's with a bell tower from the 16th century. The town center preserves its medieval character with narrow streets.

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