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This area of northern Rome is known for its agricultural and grazing lands. Many cattle and sheep owners are proud of maintaining the old tradition of grazing their animals on the vast extent of pasture lands available in the area. Cattle and sheep forage on wild grass, hay, barley and oats and are totally unexposed to artificial feeds and captive quarters. This allows the sale of totally biological meats and cheeses in many different shops which you will find in Bracciano such as those of the Tarquini and Pitsalis family who have a long standing tradition of cattle and sheep rearing. If you are interested in wholesome produce, owners of Villa Conchetta will gladly guide you to such shops.

The mild climate and the nutrient rich soil surrounding the volcanic lake allows a good cultivation of horticultural products which find their way to the local market of Bracciano every morning from Monday to Saturday. The market stands are located in a quaint cobble-stone piazza situated at the foot of the Bracciano castle. Fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers are on sale every day and the stand owners’ friendly and loquacious style will accompany you in choosing the produce that you most enjoy. During the warm summer months, make sure you don’t miss out on a cold slice of Cocomero (watermelon), its fresh juicy meat will soothe you during our sunniest summer months. Stand owners keep it fresh on ice and sell it whole or in slices ready to eat right there! A stand is present every day until late hours in the market square.

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