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Porchetta, which is a roasted pork, is a typical specialty of central Italy. Unlike the recipe of Ariccia (southern Rome) the antique recipe of Porchetta in this area consists in roasting the pork with salt, pepper, garlic and wild fennel. The Canini family, who are one of Bracciano’s porchetta producers, bake their pork in an antique oven dating back to the late 1200s, which is situated in the foundations of the Bracciano castle in what was originally the fortress built by the Prefects of Vico during the Middle Ages. The pork roasts in wooden oven with chestnut wood and may loose as much as 50% of its original weight; when it emerges after many hours of roasting it is lean and crispy and its savory aroma will delight your senses. A freshly baked porchetta panino is definitely a must!!!!

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